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Thousands of skaters populate SpeedSkatingStats.com. The table below lists all skaters in alphabetical order by last name. This allows you to quickly surf to the results of your favourite skater or leisurely find your old-time heroes. On the right-hand side a search window is provided that can be used to shorten the current list displayed so that it only includes the search terms entered.

A line highlighted in grey contains the full name of a skater, or the name of a female skater before she married.

Unfortunately, the information is incomplete in some cases. For example, a date and/or place of birth or death is often missing. If you can provide any addition or would like to suggest a correction, even if it is a petty issue or a typing error, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster. All comments are very welcome! Please use the contact-form to submit your remarks.

The table below lists all skaters with a last name starting with a C.

wFanny CadauITA
mJan CaflischSUI
wJennifer Caicedo MejíaARG/COL
=Jennifer Alexa Caicedo Mejía
mMauritz CallinSWE
mChris CallisUSA
=Christopher Callis
mCarlo CalzaITA
wMonique CammeraatNED
mBuddy CampbellUSA
=Howard Wayne Campbell
mAndres CampoCOL
wSylvie CantinCAN
wCao GuifengCHN
mCao ShubinCHN
mPeter van CapelNED
mRoger CaponUSA
=Roger James Capon
mJosh CapponiAUS
mAngelo CaraNED
mBryan CarbisGBR
=Bryan Linton Carbis
mJan-Åke CarlbergSWE
=Jan-Åke Thomas Carlberg
mArmand CarlsenNOR
=Armand Henning Carlsen
mBirger CarlssonSWE
mCarl CarlssonSWE
mLennart CarlssonSWE
=Nils Tage Lennart Carlsson
wF. CarmiggeltNED
mFabrizio CarninoITA
mMaurizio CarninoITA
mAlberto CaroliITA
mGuido CaroliITA
mBill CarowUSA
=William Ambrose Carow
wCathy CarpenterCAN
wConnie CarpenterUSA
=Helen Constance Carpenter
mCory CarpenterUSA
mKip CarpenterUSA
wAinoa CarrenoESP
mMichel CarrierCAN
mDan CarrollUSA
=Daniel Joseph Carroll
mDavide CartaITA
mFerdinand CarteauxFRA
mMaurits Cartier van DisselNED
=Maurits Cornelis Cartier van Dissel
mJohan CaspersenNOR
mGerard CassanCAN
mGarry CassidyAUS
mJohn CassidyCAN
=John Philip Cassidy
mE. ten CateNED
mGiorgio CattaneoITA
mPedro CausilCOL
mBerend CazemierNED
mPim CazemierNED
mRoy CazemierNED
mErnst CederlöfSWE
mBajro ČenanovićYUG
mEric CepuranUSA
mEthan CepuranUSA
mCarlo CesarNED
mCha Min-kyuKOR
mArtyom ChabanBLR
mMichel ChabertFRA
mMateusz ChabkoPOL
mAndré ChabrerieFRA
mSergey ChadayevRUS
mChae Jee-hoonKOR
mValery ChaginURS
mValentin ChaikinURS
mSoenar ChamidNED
wChang ChaoCHN
wChang Eun-kyungKOR
mChang Hi-sonPRK
mChang Jong-namPRK
mChang RuiCHN
mYung-tai ChangTPE
wTsu-Cheng ChaoTPE
mJim ChapinUSA
=James Thomas Chapin
mBram ChardonNED
mJan CharisiusNED
=Jan Willem Peter Charisius
mAnatoly ChechetovRUS
mJoey CheekUSA
=Joseph Cheek
mAleksandr ChekulayevURS
wMargarita ChempalovaRUS
mChen EnxueCHN
mChen HanyangCHN
mChen JiangqiangCHN
wChen ShuhuaCHN
mChen YuCHN
mChen ZengqiangCHN
mChen ZhiCHN
wChen ZitongCHN
mCheng HungtaoCHN
mCheng YueCHN
mCheon Ju-hyeonKOR
wAlla ChepaikinaKAZ
wSvetlana ChepelnikovaBLR
wAnastasiya ChepilRUS
wNataliya CherepanovaRUS
wOlesya ChernegaRUS
wSvetlana ChernobrovkinaURS/CIS/RUS
=Svetlana Laletina-Chernobrovkina
wAnna ChernovaRUS
=Anna Yurakova
wSylvie ChevauchetFRA
mChi Song-gukPRK
mChi SunxianCHN
mYen-shin ChiangTPE
mChin KuangchunCHN
mStepan ChistyakovRUS
mIoan ChiujdeaROU
mAleksandr ChizhikovKAZ
wDenise ChlapatyUSA
mSławomir ChmuraPOL
mCho Yong-cholPRK
mYushoku ChoJPN
mChoe Chon-hakPRK
wChoi Dong-okPRK
wChoi Hye-sookKOR
mChoi In-cholPRK
mChoi Jae-bongKOR
wChoi Jeong-heeKOR
wChoi Jin-seonKOR
mChoi Jin-yongKOR
mChoi Kwun-wonKOR
mChoi Nam-yeonKOR
mChoi Seok-wooKOR
wChoi Seung-yongKOR
wChoi Seung-yoonKOR
mChoi Yeong-baeKOR
mChoi Yeong-chinKOR
wChoi Yeong-haeKOR
wChoi Yoon-sookKOR
mJames CholewinskiUSA
=James-Clay Cholewinski
wLauren CholewinskiUSA
wChong Chang-sukPRK
wKali ChristCAN
mCarsten ChristensenNOR
mJ.W. ChristiaansNED
wElse ChristiansenNOR
=Else Marie Christiansen
mHenrik ChristiansenNOR
=Henrik André Sole Christiansen
wChun Hee-yooKOR
mChun Joo-hyunKOR
wChun YingCHN
mChung Jae-wonKOR
mChung Jae-woongKOR
mViktor ChupiraURS/RUS
wLyubov Chuyeva-PogodayevaURS
mJarosław Chyc-OlesiakPOL
mRoland CieślakPOL
mMarco CigniniITA
mGuido CitterioITA
mGöran ClaesonSWE
wPeggy ClasenUSA
=Peggy Ann Clasen
mScott ClasenUSA
wKatie ClassUSA
=Kathryn Helen Class
wIleana CleteşteanuROU
wTheresa Cliff-RyanUSA
wMonika CłapaPOL
wJitske CnossenNED
wWillemijn CnossenNED
mColin CoatesAUS
=Colin Victor Coates
mJ. CockNED
mArnout CoenenNED
mGerwin ColjéNED
mMichel ColombyFRA
wKatia ColturiITA
wLenie CompierNED
mR.E.J. CondeeNED
wMerel ConijnNED
mAlex ConnellGBR
=Alexander Edminston Connell
mAlexis ContinFRA
wMischa CoolenNED
wGemma CooperGBR
mMartin CorbettCAN
mVasile CoroşROU
mRoderick CorriveauCAN
wChantal CôtéCAN
mMatteo CotzaITA
mAdrianus CouvéeNED
=Adrianus Lodewijk Couvée
mGerardus CouvéeNED
=Gerardus Johannes Matthieu Couvée
mBill CoxUSA
=William Dean Cox
mCharles CoxUSA
=Charles Ryan Cox
=Charles Leveille
wWieteke CramerNED
=Wieteke Harmanna Cramer
mMichael CreightonAUS
mLuca CrevennaITA
mOrlando CristeaROU
wChiara CristelliITA
wStacey CrockettCAN
mJohnny CronsheyGBR/ISU/GBR/SAF/ISU
=John Dennis Cronshey
mMike CroweUSA
=Michael Crowe
wPeggy CroweUSA
=Margaret Ann Crowe
wMaggy CrowleyUSA
=Margaret Yates Crowley
mP.J. CrucqNED
wBlair CruikshankUSA
mDave CruikshankUSA
=David Wright Cruikshank
wCui ShunciCHN
mCui ZhiboCHN
wHannah CurwinUSA
mTom CushmanUSA
=Thomas Preston Cushman
wBirgit CzakGDR
wNatalia CzerwonkaPOL
wMagdalena CzyszczońPOL