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Current world records Men

Note: Denis Yuskov's time on the 3000 meters of 2 November 2013 (3.34,37) would not be recognized by the ISU according Rule 221-2-i. World records skated by men in quartet starts are only recognized on 5000 and 10,000 meters.

500 metersPavel KulizhnikovRUS0:33.619 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
1000 metersPavel KulizhnikovRUS1:05.6915 Feb 2020Salt Lake CityUSA
1500 metersKjeld NuisNED1:40.1710 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
3000 metersEskil ErvikNOR3:37.285 Nov 2005CalgaryCAN
5000 metersTed-Jan BloemenCAN6:01.8610 Dec 2017Salt Lake CityUSA
10,000 metersNils van der PoelSWE12:32.9514 Feb 2021HeerenveenNED
Team pursuitDouwe de Vries
Marcel Bosker
Sven Kramer
NED3:34.6816 Feb 2020Salt Lake CityUSA
2x500 metersJeremy WotherspoonCAN68.31015 Mar 2008CalgaryCAN
Sprint combinationKai VerbijNED136.06525/26 Feb 2017CalgaryCAN
Mini combinationJoel ErikssonSWE144.45312/13 Feb 2010Salt Lake CityUSA
Small combinationErben WennemarsNED146.36512/13 Aug 2005CalgaryCAN
Big combinationPatrick RoestNED145.5612/3 Mar 2019CalgaryCAN
Hour recordErik Jan KooimanNED43,735.94m9 Dec 2015InzellGER
= unofficial event