Unfortunately, due to circumstances, the site is not kept up-to-date.
Thousands of skaters populate SpeedSkatingStats.com. The table below lists all skaters in alphabetical order by last name. This allows you to quickly surf to the results of your favourite skater or leisurely find your old-time heroes. On the right-hand side a search window is provided that can be used to shorten the current list displayed so that it only includes the search terms entered.

A line highlighted in grey contains the full name of a skater, or the name of a female skater before she married.

Unfortunately, the information is incomplete in some cases. For example, a date and/or place of birth or death is often missing. If you can provide any addition or would like to suggest a correction, even if it is a petty issue or a typing error, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster. All comments are very welcome! Please use the contact-form to submit your remarks.

The table below lists all skaters with a last name starting with a Q.

wQi ShuaiCHN
mLéon QuagliaFRA
=Léonhard Quaglia
mQuan XiangheCHN
wAnna QuinnUSA
mIan QuinnUSA
mMarc QuinolFRA