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World Cups races in the 1991-92 season

World Cup 1
22 Nov 1991BerlinGER500 meters (Men)
22 Nov 1991BerlinGER1500 meters (Men)
23 Nov 1991BerlinGER500 meters (Men)
23 Nov 1991BerlinGER1000 meters (Men)
24 Nov 1991BerlinGER5000 meters (Men)
22 Nov 1991BerlinGER500 meters (Women)
23 Nov 1991BerlinGER1000 meters (Women)
23 Nov 1991BerlinGER1500 meters (Women)
24 Nov 1991BerlinGER3000 meters (Women)
World Cup 2: Men
30 Nov 1991HeerenveenNED500 meters (Men)
30 Nov 1991HeerenveenNED1000 meters (Men)
30 Nov 1991HeerenveenNED5000 meters (Men)
1 Dec 1991HeerenveenNED500 meters (Men)
1 Dec 1991HeerenveenNED1500 meters (Men)
1 Dec 1991HeerenveenNED10,000 meters (Men)
World Cup 2: Women
30 Nov 1991WarsawPOL500 meters (Women)
30 Nov 1991WarsawPOL1500 meters (Women)
1 Dec 1991WarsawPOL1000 meters (Women)
1 Dec 1991WarsawPOL3000 meters (Women)
World Cup 3: Women
7 Dec 1991AlbertvilleFRA500 meters (Women)
7 Dec 1991AlbertvilleFRA1500 meters (Women)
8 Dec 1991AlbertvilleFRA1000 meters (Women)
8 Dec 1991AlbertvilleFRA3000 meters (Women)
World Cup 4: Men
11 Jan 1992DavosSUI500 meters (Men)
11 Jan 1992DavosSUI1000 meters (Men)
11 Jan 1992DavosSUI1500 meters (Men)
12 Jan 1992DavosSUI500 meters (Men)
12 Jan 1992DavosSUI5000 meters (Men)
World Cup 4: Women
11 Jan 1992CollalboITA500 meters (Women)
11 Jan 1992CollalboITA1500 meters (Women)
12 Jan 1992CollalboITA1000 meters (Women)
12 Jan 1992CollalboITA3000 meters (Women)
World Cup 5: Men
7 Mar 1992SavalenNOR500 meters (Men)
7 Mar 1992SavalenNOR1000 meters (Men)
8 Mar 1992SavalenNOR500 meters (Men)
8 Mar 1992SavalenNOR1000 meters (Men)
World Cup 6: Men
14 Mar 1992Saint-FoyCAN1500 meters (Men)
15 Mar 1992Saint-FoyCAN5000 meters (Men)
World Cup 6: Final Women
13 Mar 1992InzellGER500 meters (Women)
13 Mar 1992InzellGER1000 meters (Women)
13 Mar 1992InzellGER3000 meters (Women)
14 Mar 1992InzellGER500 meters (Women)
14 Mar 1992InzellGER1500 meters (Women)
14 Mar 1992InzellGER5000 meters (Women)
World Cup 7: Final Men
27 Mar 1992ButteUSA500 meters (Men)
27 Mar 1992ButteUSA1000 meters (Men)
27 Mar 1992ButteUSA5000 meters (Men)
28 Mar 1992ButteUSA500 meters (Men)
28 Mar 1992ButteUSA1500 meters (Men)
28 Mar 1992ButteUSA10,000 meters (Men)