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Roland Cieślak

full nameRoland Cieślak
nationalityPoland (POL)
born January 1988in unknown

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World Cup - Top 10 positions

1500 meters0000016
5000 meters0000021
10,000 meters000005
Mass start0001116
total individual0001158
Team pursuit000224

World Cup - All results

2007-08B02 Feb 20085000 metersBaselga di PinèITA
B183 Feb 20081500 metersBaselga di PinèITA
2008-09B188 Nov 20081500 metersBerlinGER
B2314 Nov 20081500 metersHeerenveenNED
B2730 Jan 20095000 metersErfurtGER
2009-10B187 Nov 20095000 metersBerlinGER
B1014 Nov 20095000 metersHeerenveenNED
B1312 Dec 20095000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
2010-11B128 Jan 20111500 metersMoscowRUS
530 Jan 2011Team pursuitMoscowRUS
A1918 Feb 20111500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
2011-12A1918 Nov 20111500 metersChelyabinskRUS
B1019 Nov 20115000 metersChelyabinskRUS
820 Nov 2011Team pursuitChelyabinskRUS
B1825 Nov 20111500 metersAstanaKAZ
B1126 Nov 20115000 metersAstanaKAZ
B92 Dec 20111500 metersHeerenveenNED
44 Dec 2011Team pursuitHeerenveenNED
B411 Feb 20125000 metersHamarNOR
B712 Feb 20121500 metersHamarNOR
B152 Mar 20121500 metersHeerenveenNED
2012-13B718 Nov 2012Mass startHeerenveenNED
B2324 Nov 20125000 metersKolomnaRUS
B325 Nov 2012Mass startKolomnaRUS
B192 Dec 201210,000 metersAstanaKAZ
B89 Feb 20135000 metersInzellGER
A1310 Feb 2013Mass startInzellGER
B81 Mar 201310,000 metersErfurtGER
A610 Mar 2013Mass startHeerenveenNED
2013-14B2810 Nov 20135000 metersCalgaryCAN
B3115 Nov 20131500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
1016 Nov 2013Team pursuitSalt Lake CityUSA
B3217 Nov 20135000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
B191 Dec 201310,000 metersAstanaKAZ
B218 Dec 20135000 metersBerlinGER
2014-15B1514 Nov 20145000 metersObihiroJPN
B1816 Nov 20141500 metersObihiroJPN
1716 Nov 2014Mass startObihiroJPN
B821 Nov 20141500 metersSeoulKOR
BDQ22 Nov 201410,000 metersSeoulKOR
723 Nov 2014Mass startSeoulKOR
B196 Dec 20145000 metersBerlinGER
B197 Dec 20141500 metersBerlinGER
217 Dec 2014Mass startBerlinGER
B1214 Dec 20141500 metersHeerenveenNED
1914 Dec 2014Mass startHeerenveenNED
B4031 Jan 20155000 metersHamarNOR
251 Feb 2015Mass startHamarNOR
2016-17B2011 Nov 20165000 metersHarbinCHN
SF11412 Nov 2016Mass startHarbinCHN
B2118 Nov 20165000 metersNaganoJPN
B222 Dec 20165000 metersAstanaKAZ
SF274 Dec 2016Mass startAstanaKAZ
154 Dec 2016Mass startAstanaKAZ
SF2129 Dec 2016Mass startHeerenveenNED
B3627 Jan 20171500 metersBerlinGER
B2128 Jan 20175000 metersBerlinGER
2017-18SF11310 Nov 2017Mass startHeerenveenNED
B2119 Nov 201710,000 metersStavangerNOR
SF2102 Dec 2017Mass startCalgaryCAN
SF2128 Dec 2017Mass startSalt Lake CityUSA
B2120 Jan 20185000 metersErfurtGER