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This page lists all information available on the . The subnavigation allows you to quickly retrieve the complete 'History' of the top 3 results. In the corresponding medal summary table you can click on a specific year to go to the full results of that year. The right-hand side of the subnavigation links to different 'Statistics' of the . The statistics will be updated automatically after every championship.

Results of the 2020 Team pursuit Men

PlaceHeerenveen (NED)
Date12 Jan 2020

1Sven KramerNED3:40.63
1Marcel BoskerNED3:40.63
1Patrick RoestNED3:40.63
2Danila SemerikovRUS3:42.48
2Aleksandr RumyantsevRUS3:42.48
2Denis YuskovRUS3:42.48
3Hallgeir EngebråtenNOR3:43.39
3Håvard BøkkoNOR3:43.39
3Sverre Lunde PedersenNOR3:43.39
4Francesco BettiITA3:46.77
4Michele MalfattiITA3:46.77
4Andrea GiovanniniITA3:46.77
5Vitaly MikhaylovBLR3:49.78
5Egor DomoraczkiBLR3:49.78
5Ignat GolovatyukBLR3:49.78
6Marcin BachanekPOL3:49.99
6Szymon PalkaPOL3:49.99
6Artur JanickiPOL3:49.99

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